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Brew this Delicious Tea Every Day for Optimum Health

This is a tea I have been making for years with many variations. It's great as an everyday tea for hydration, guests, my daughter, or whoever. I recommend always having some around whether cold or hot.

Use organic loose-leaf herbs preferably from a local source. You do not need to have all of these ingredients. Feel free to vary it by what's growing in your garden, in season, or locally and organically available. Mix them all together and store it out of the light in an air-tight container. Ingredients, Proportions (and Medicinal Magick)

• 2 parts red raspberry leaf (uterine tonic, Vitamin C, calcium, and iron) • 2 parts nettle leaf (kidney support and loads of minerals and Vitamins) • 1 pat dandelion root and leaf (liver support, rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vit A, helps relieve constipation) • 1 part alfalfa (digestive enzymes, protein, Vitamin K, and minerals) • 1 part oat straw (calcium and magnesium) • 1/2 part rose hips (Vitamin C and heart love) • 1/4 part chamomile (calming, eases digestion and prevents constipation) • 1/4 part mint (moves stagnant liver qi and tastes great) • 1/8 part orange peel or buddha’s palm peel (Fo Shou) (helps descend the stomach qi, aids digestion, and moves the liver qi) • 1/4 goji berries (Go Qi Zi) (fantastic blood tonic) • 1/4 part Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua) (moves stagnant liver qi) Additionally, you can add a pinch of lavender, rose petals, and/or raisins.

During the last trimester of pregnancy increase the alfalfa to 2 parts. Postpartum add 1 part fenugreek to the mix to help with milk production. Preparation Instructions Put the herbs in a glass jar, add water that has just boiled (not boiling), and let them steep. You can also make a cold water infusion by leaving them overnight. Drink hot or cold.

Another way to add additional elemental magick is to leave the tea in the sun to make a sun tea brew -or overnight under the full moon for a tea infused with the Moon's potency.

Never put your herbs (or anything else) in the microwave. In fact, just get rid of your microwave. Enjoy ~

This is the white chrysanthemum growing in my garden.

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Gracie Johnson
Nov 04, 2022

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