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Winter Nourishing Kidney Tea

This tea has adaptogens - herbs that help us adapt to changing circumstances. This could be changing relationships, traveling, new work, or letting go of substances that no longer serve us.

It is also a great coffee substitute. - You can add coconut milk for an extra creamy flavor


Reishi - 3-5 slices: fantastic during allergy season, a deep immune booster, and so many things an entire article could be devoted just to Reishi.

Chaga - 2 TBSP

Cinnamon - one medium sized stick

Ginger- 2-3 fresh slices

Cardamon- 5-10 pods (break them before adding. carminative

Vanilla - 1 bean or 1/2 tsp powder (adds yum)

This formula is great as a coffee substitute. What's the deal with coffee anyway? What are reasons as to why it may be not an ideal drink for our bodies?

Coffee is not good or bad. It has an impact on us that in some points in our lives may be therapeutic and others not. It strongly moves the liver qi; so if one's liver is already depleted it may be drying to the liver yin. In addition, it can be hard on the kidney yin. It causes the kidney yin to go "squirt squirt" which is why some of us feel great after drinking it. It's all that juicy yin circulating in us. But that yin we may need for something else. Such as slowing aging and cooling us down and keeping us calm and centered.

On the other hand coffee can be therapeutic to smooth liver qi stagnation. For women during the second half of our cycle, after ovulation and before menstruation, when we have a tendency to get really stagnant (PMS) coffee could be helpful in the right dosage. Yes, it is dose dependent. Generally 3-9 grams of coffee beans is a therapeutic dose.




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