Past Events

Selected Past Events

Ecstatic Dance Retreat - Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

January, 2020

Northern California Dance Collective

Sequoia National Park, CA


Landing pads are parts of our bodies that allow us to amplify kinetic return, move more safely in and out of contact, and promote longevity for our dancing. Learn ways to safely move in and out of the floor.

SoulPlay Connect - Unlimited Chemistry

East Bay Community Space, Oakland, CA

May 5, 2019

May Day Dance Ceremony at SoulPlay Connect in a few weeks. Get infused with positive relating skills, a turned-on body, and connection to the depth of your being.

Northern California Dance Collective

Kings Canyon , CA

March 10, 2019

We will explore using landing pads as a guide for safe movement and full kinetic return potential through the lense of Axis Syllabus.

Bali Spirit Festival - Healing through Movement & Connecting in Relationship

Ubud, Bali

March 24-31, 2019

Bali Spirit Festival - Contact & Axis Syllabus

Ubud, Bali

March 24-31, 2019

In this fun and dynamic workshop, we will practice moving on our own and in connection with each other. We will use principles of the Axis Syllabus throughout. Contact Improvisation is a dance of connection that shows us how we are as relational beings. It is an investigation into an embodied self, contacting and responding to other beings. This improvised dance form encourages us to be precisely in the present moment and engenders empowered participation in the discovery of relatedness. It is the practice of connecting with our environment and each other as we respond with movement in a way that aligns with the inner self.

Contact Improv & Axis at Ecstatic Dance

Sweets Ballroom, Oakland, CA

December 19, 2018

Contact Improv & Axis at Ecstatic Dance

Comprehensive Reiki Training

Berkeley, CA

September - December 2018

Topics will vary around Asian medical theory, bodywork, acupressure, toning, essential oils, Reiki, yoga, aromatherapy, chakras, crystals, auras, tuning forks, meditation, pendulums, magic, business coaching, and more.  The teachings include traditional Usui Reiki and Japanese Reiki Techniques and are grounded in a background of functional medicine and extensive clinical experience.

Movement is Medicine

Finnish Hall, Berkeley, CA

September - December 2018

Axis Syllabus Movement and Methodology, Holistic Dance, and Contact Improvisation. Come pulse, dive, swing, and spiral into integration and aliveness. We will practice moving in and out of the floor, contact improvisation, tapping into motion centers, exploring appropriate joint parameters, inquiring into chronological architecture, and attuning with the autumn and winter season. This movement class series is suitable for beginners to advanced movers!

SoulPlay Dance Ceremony

Pinecrest, CA

September, 2018

Primary to a healthy path is living and acting in harmony with the seasons and cycles of nature. Autumn is about the out breath of our lives, turning inward and a time for reflection and slowing down. Come calibrate with autumn through dance.

SoulPlay Fall Fest - Axis Syllabus

Pinecrest, CA

September, 2018

Axis Syllabus Class

Women’s Acupuncture Retreat - Movement Exploration

Wilbur Hotsprings, CA

September, 2018

Your dance is holy, and your body is wise. Through movement practices, an energy comes alive that encourages our most authentic expression of self. The cultivation of this force returns us to our essence. Dance is the ritual of bringing ourselves back to ourselves. Come Play.

East Bay Reiki Share

Aeire, Berkeley, CA

July 2017 - April 2018

Experience Reiki, tune into energetic medicine, and drop in with yourself and other people in the Reiki community.

Arms, Shoulders & Mobility - Bay Area Axis Syllabus Exchange

Finnish Hall, Berkeley CA

July, 2018

A class at BAASE exploring the relationship between shoulder blade, chest, and arm motion in slow exploration and more dynamic movements. Come pulse, dive, swing, and spiral in finding a sense of integration and aliveness. 

Northern California Dance Collective

Sequoia National Park, CA

June, 2018

Landing pads are parts of our bodies that allow us to amplify kinetic return, move more safely in and out of contact, and promote longevity for our dancing. Learn ways to safely move in and out of the floor.

SoulPlay - Axis Syllabus

Pinecrest, CA

June, 2018

Axis Syllabus Class

West Coast Contact Improv Jam

Hearst Gym, Berkeley, CA

July, 2018

Bring your kids, bring your grandma, bring your self to this fun, embodied warm up for the family jam. 

SoulPlay - Water Dance Ceremony

Pinecrest, CA

June, 2018

Nothing is quite like water in softening the hard and simultaneously yielding. Water will be the master medicine of this dance ceremony.

Summer Dance Classes

Finnish Hall, Berkeley, CA

May-July 2018

Ongoing classes exploring the movement, methodology, and chronological architecture of the ​Axis Syllabus. Practice harnessing universal forces while diving into the discovery of our unique shape and expression.

Sister Ceremony in Bali

Ubud, Bali

May 19, 2018

An all-day retreat for women. We gather with ceremony, with the intention of connecting with our sacred roots. Nourish your body, clear your mind, open your heart and free your spirit.

Monday Axis Syllabus Workgroup

Finnish Hall, Berkeley CA

July 2016 - April 2018

Weekly movement classes inspired by the Axis Syllabus: Dance as a ritual of bringing ourselves back to ourselves.

Sister Ceremony at Aerie

Aeire, Berkeley, CA

February, 2018

An all-day retreat for women. We gather with ceremony, with the intention of connecting with our sacred roots. Nourish your body, clear your mind, open your heart and free your spirit.

Ostara: Equinox Ritual Gathering

Aerie, Berkeley, CA

Mar 19, 2017

Weaving Together Ritual and Dance

Goa Contact Festival

Arambol, Goa, India

Feb, 2017

Axis Syllabus Test Flight Class

Nevada City Spring Jam

Nevada City, CA

Feb 8, 2017

Contact Improvisation Class. Inner Kung Fu, Contact, and sequential architecture.

Enchanted Forest Gathering

Mendocino, Northern California


Axis Syllabus Influenced Contact Improvisation

Ecstatic Dance Oakland

Sweets Ballroom, Oakland, CA

2016 - current

Contact improvisation dance classes heavily influenced by the axis syllabus

2016 and earlier

Sacred Kitchen: A Playful and Delicious Culinary Celebration of Our Ancestors

April 24, 2016  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Creation of Sacred Ritual, Honoring Our Ancestors

Hosted with Chef Jesse Bloom

Kirtan, Dance, and Ritual

2016  -  Berkeley Hills, CA


Reiki 1 Workshops: Shoden Beginning

Jan, Jun, Oct 2015, Mar, July, Oct 2014 

Apr 2013, Feb, Sept 2012, Feb, May, Oct, 2011 -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Introduction to basic Reiki principles and techniques, including physical cleansing and clearing pathways for a stronger channeling of universal life force energy, and an increase in psychic and spiritual awareness.

Reiki 2 Workshops: Okuden Inner Teaching

Mar 2015, May, Sept, Nov 2014, April 2013, March  2012

Jan,July 2011 -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Connects one to the Reiki symbols and sounds that make possible the channeling of Reiki across time and space.

Reiki 3 Workshops: Shinpiden Mystery Teaching

April, Nov 2015, July ,Dec 2014 , Aug 2013, May 2012, March 2011

Dec 2010 -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Teaching Reiki 3 symbols that enable the channeling of Reiki energy on a Master level. Students learn specific techniques to deepen their treatments and enhance awareness.

Reiki Master Trainings

Feb. 7 & Dec. 5, 2015

March 23-24 & Dec. 7, 2013 

Nov. 12 & 13, 2011

Nov. 9, 2010  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Highest level of Reiki training, where students are initiated as Reiki Master, able to now practice at the highest level, as well as to train and attune students themselves.

Women’s Health, Chinese Medicine & Essential Oils

Oct. 17, 2015, Jan. 19, Feb. 23, 2014

Oct. 6, 2013   -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Explore topics of women's health and treatments from Chinese Medicine and using essential oils for healing and balance.​

Reiki Treatment with Crystals & Essential Oils

May 23, 2015  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Learn how to enhance Reiki treatments by incorporating crystal energy and essential oils.

Reiki Shares

1998 - ongoing

Experience Reiki, tune into energetic medicine, and drop in with yourself and other people in the Reiki community.

Essential Oils for Acupressure Points

Jan. 3 & Oct. 17, 2015

April 27, 2014 

May 19, 2013 -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Essential oils are powerful agents for healing and transformation. Explore using oils on specific acupressure points to address imbalances in the body, focusing on treatments for tension, dissociative patterns, moodiness, and depression.

Urban Zen Reiki Trainings

2013 - 2015  -  Oakland, & Larkspur, CA



2009 - ongoing  -  Aerie, Berkeley, CA


Reconnecting with the Essential Mexico Retreat

2015  -  Mexico



Apr, Feb 2015, Apr 2012 , Apr 2011  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Complete exploration and understanding of the chakras as innate power centers. Learn each chakra's representation, function, and sensation. Explore the applications of essential oils, mantra sounds, hands on work, crystals, and visualizations to balance and harmonize the chakras.

Essential Oils for Health & Wellbeing

Feb. 14, 2015  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Using Essential Oils Internally for Health & Wellbeing

SAT - Seekers After Truth

2014  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

10-day Residential Retreat with Claudio Naranjo

Morning Movement Classes Influenced by Axis Syllabus and Awareness Practices

Tea Time with Essential Oils

April, May, June, Aug 2014  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Using Essential Oils Internally for Health & Wellbeing

Reiki Yoga

July 6, 2014  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Combine the energetic practices of reiki and yoga.

Body Systems

April 9, 2014  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Learn about the different systems of the body from many perspectives and disciplines, from Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda, and how to use them to find health and balance in your body.

Spring Cleansing Protocols

March 30, 2014  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

How to cleanse the body from stangant winter energies and lighten up for spring, using the foods and tools the season already provides.

West Coast Contact Improv Festival

2013 - 8th Street Studios

Lab on Developmental Movement

Reiki and 5 Element Theory

Sept. 29, Nov. 7, 2013 

Nov. 20, 2011 -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

5 Element theory is based on the idea that the qualities of human qi resemble those found in nature. Learn specific reiki hand locations to treat each element, which organs and emotions the elements are associated with, and how to recognize elemental imbalances. Look at how to use wisdom to differentiate helpful emotions form those that cause or signal imbalance.

Transformation of Qi

July  2013 , Oct 2011  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Reiki’s history is steeped in Japanese Culture and Medicine. Explore what is Qi by discussing the 6 functions of Qi and the different types of qi in our bodies. Discover how qi can be replenished or depleted in our bodies and how this could manifest in terms of health or dis-ease. Explore how different emotions effect qi.

Restorative Yoga

April 2013, July 2011  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Restorative yoga poses can be used to greatly enhance the efficacy of other treatment modalities. The slow pacing and supportive nature of restorative yoga gives the practitioner the time needed to work directly in each position being treated. Learn positions to use in your own practice as well as ones to assist your clients in.

Crystals & Toning

Feb. 17, 2013

Sept. 25, 2011  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Crystals are powerful tools for harmonizing, energizing, and calming our systems. Learn different ways to use crystals, where to place them, and which crystals correspond with each chakra. We will also cover toning and chanting.

Auras & Pendulums

July 15, 2012 

May 15, 2011  -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Explore the layers of the Aura with experiential exercises and esoteric anatomical instruction . Attune yourself to more deeply sense the different layers, learn which parts of the Aura to treat for specific disharmonies, and how to diagnose auric Imbalances. We will also play with using pendulums in treatments.

Ongoing Axis Syllabus Influenced Yoga

2010 - Precious Life Wellness Center


Rare Journeys Retreat in Tibet

2010  -  Tibet

Taught the Movement and Yoga Morning Classes

Hosted by National Geographic Explorer Ian Baker

Urban Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Nov. 13 & 14, 2010   -  Aeire, Berkeley, CA

Urban Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Yoga and Cleansing Immersion Retreat

2008  -  Mendocino, CA

Residential Retreat with Daily Cleansing Protocols,

Yoga, Esoteric Teachings and Sacred Ritual.

Dragon Well Healing Center

2000-2001 Dragon Well Healing Center, Berkeley, CA

Yoga Classes Heavily Influenced by Iyengar Yoga.

Costa Rica Yoga Classes



Half Machine Copenhagen


Performance and Yoga Classes

Dance Performance SF with Karl Gillick



Berkeley Arts Magnet Elementary School

2000-2001 Dragon Well Healing Center, Berkeley, CA


Precious Life Wellness Center

2010 - Berkeley, CA


The Yoga Source & Orinda Yoga