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Harmonize your Life

Primary to a healthy path is living and acting in harmony with the cycles of nature around us. In Taoist tradition, the leading cause of the dis-ease is forgetting to adjust our conduct with the seasons. So often, in our modern world of artificial lights and technology which subvert our subtle intelligence, we forget to take our cues from nature.


We have an ancestral prayer to live a deeply embodied, earthly existence that is in harmony with our surroundings. Or, as Star Hawk so eloquently puts it,  “We do not live in the unchanging twilight realm of Faery, but in the living, dying, fading, and growing realm of the earth.”


This page is dedicated to resources that detail how to more fully align ourselves with these sacred cycles through podcasts, blogs, and seasonal gatherings. 

Liu ming, 1947-2015,
was the biggest inspiration for me on the path of calibrating with the cycles of nature.  He introduced me to the Tong Shu and aligned me with a pre-communist lineage of Chinese medicine which had the rhythms of nature at the heart of it. Thank you Liu Ming for these teachings. 
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The ancient Chinese Almanac

These teachings are based on the Tong Shu which divides the year into 2 week periods, or qi nodes, and further into days, hours, and even minutes. The Tong Shu indicates everything from appropriate and inappropriate times for plantings, weddings, feng shui adjustments, travel, digging a well, initiating austerities, domestic arguments, funerals, difficult physical labor, new ventures, repairing tombs, purchasing property, and much more.


There are 4 more major pivot points in the year, the solstices and equinoxes, and further 4 more pivot points that divide these in half. When we calibrate to these pivot points and follow the guidance of the stars, seasons, and nature's cycles we are in accordance with universal qi which promotes health and longevity.

Seasonal Ceremonies - Berkeley, CA

With Bronwyn Ayla.

Join me in remembering our connection to nature, earth, the cycles, and the seasons.


We will gather in a circle and receive a teaching on aligning ourselves with the season that includes philosophy, foods, movement, medicines, timing, and healing relationships with self and family. We will then transition into embodiment practices and ritual to calibrate each season.


My intention is to create a space which is deeply nourishing and engaging for your body and mind as well as giving you practical ways of connecting to the season in your everyday life.

Seasonal Harmonizing Podcasts

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Receive event and classes, inspiring articles, and news; every moon...

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