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How does dance move us through our lives into our truest selves?

This question is at the heart of my work. I encourage this investigation through movement practices, living into this inquiry of truth, and the freedom to move and act in accordance with who we are meant to be. Through the empowering art of dance, there is an opportunity to refine who we are and nourish our destiny.


Join me in this inquiry and constant discovery of the genius of our bodies.


About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Ayla is devoted to dance as a sacred practice that encourages the full embodiment of ourselves in our lives. She interweaves Axis Syllabus, contact improvisation, mindfulness, and somatic awareness into her unique approach to the art of movement.


She draws on her extensive training in anatomy, developmental movement, Chinese medicine, Body-Mind Centering, circus arts, body psychotherapy, yoga, and Continuum. Inherent in her philosophy is the inseparable relationship between healing and dance. The marriage of these serves as a vehicle for the empowerment of ourselves and the nourishment of our destiny.

Bronwyn runs her Holistic Medical Arts Clinic in Berkeley, CA where she treats people with a combination of acupuncture, plant medicine, ritual, Rosen Method Bodywork, Reiki, and nutrition. She is an Axis Syllabus Certified Teacher.


My Offerings

Movement is Medicine

Ongoing Axis Syllabus and Contact Improvisation classes in the SF Bay Area

One on one sessions

These are especially beneficial for those interested in the therapeutic benefits of movement or if you simply wish for more individualized attention.


Retreats & Workshops

For organizers who wish to arrange special seminars, retreats or events this is a wonderful way to experience Bronwyn’s work more deeply. Having movement integrated into any retreat offers participants a unique way to embody themselves. Bronwyn offers workshops internationally and has been a featured movement facilitator at numerous retreats and festivals.

Dance as a Journey

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Encountering Self

Axis Syllabus

Practice harnessing the forces of the world around us while simultaneously diving into the discovery of our unique shape and expression.  The Axis Syllabus is a collection of information exploring the experience of movement that draws from biomechanics, anatomy, physics, western medical sciences, physiology, anthropology and an expansive collection of empirical knowledge. The syllabus is supported by a matrix of masterful movers that continuously bring fresh research and exchange ideas internationally.


Relating with Others

Contact Improv

A dance of connection, Contact Improvisation shows us how we are as relational beings. It is an investigation into an embodied self, connecting and responding to another. This improvised dance form encourages us to be precisely in the present moment and engenders empowered participation in the discovery of relatedness. It is the practice of connecting with your environment and responding to it with movement in a way that aligns with the inner self.


Communing with Spirit

Sacred Ritual Dance

Come to the circle, to the fire, and bring your prayers. Your dance is holy, and your body is wise. Let dance be your medicine; let movement heal you. Sacred ritual dance connects us to source and spirit, within and without, empowering us to commune with our souls. Through movement practices, an energy comes alive that encourages our most authentic expression of self. The cultivation of this force returns us to our essence. Dance is the ritual of bringing ourselves back to ourselves.

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