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Bronwyn | Dance Bio

Bronwyn Ayla unifies passionate aliveness with grounded presence. She spends her time seeking ways to transform consciousness through the integration of body, mind, spirit, and the elements. She is a dedicated and inspired mother and considers her daughter to be her greatest teacher. When she is not traveling the world she enjoys making pottery, tending her garden, and treating people with Chinese Medicine at her Holistic Medical Arts Clinic. She lives in Berkeley, CA with her daughter, Nymue.


Bronwyn is a dancer trained in numerous forms of movement and somatic practices from around the world and is a certified Axis Syllabus Teacher.  Her methodology integrates an advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiological processes that optimize vitality and encourage the unfolding of the mind and body’s latent potential.

Yoga, Dance, & Somatics

Teaching Axis syllabus Classes;
2009 - Present


Axis Sylabus Intensive and Teacher Lab
Berkeley, CA. Frey Faust 2017 


West Coast Contact Improv Festival and Jam Yearly
2004 - Present.


Contact Improvisation Ongoing Practice through Jams, Workshops, Classes, and Retreats.


Axis Intensive
Berkeley, CA. Frey Faust 2016


Axis in the Redwoods 
CA 2016


Axis Syllabus Nomadic College Earth Dance
MA 2012, 2013, 2015


Investigating Developmental Movement and Play Weekly One-on-one Meetings with Bonnie and Bronwyn’s then-infant daughter, Nymue. Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen 2012-2013


Organs from a Developmental Perspective
Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen 2012


Movement of Life - Continuum
Emily Conrad 2012


Amazing Babies First Year of Development
Beverly Stokes 2012


Esalen Silent Yoga Retreat
Big Sur, CA. Sarah Powers 2011


Asana & Body Systems, Body-Mind Centering
Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen 2011


Axis Syllabus Nomadic College
Brazil. Frey Faust 2010


Axis Intensive
Santa Cruz, CA. Frey Faust 2010


Jedi Yoga Training
Colorado. Esak Garcia 2009


Iyengar Yoga, The Yoga Room
Donald Moyer 2000-2007


Advanced Hand Balancing
San Francisco Circus School. 2006


Ashtanga Yoga
Mysore India.  2005


Ashtanga Yoga
Mysore, India 2004


Half Machine Performance
Copenhagen, Denmark. 2003


War Between Robots and Angels
San Francisco, CA 2002


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Piedmont Yoga Studio
Rodney Yee 2001-2002


Yoga Teacher Training
Berkeley Yoga Source. Jazz Potier 1999


15 Month Immersion in India
Silent Meditation Retreats, Raja Yoga, Pranayama Practices, Numerous Pilgrimages, and Ashram Residential Retreats. 1997-1998


International Experience


Originally from South Africa, Bronwyn has lived, worked, and studied all over the world, and reads and writes Hindi, Hebrew, and Spanish. She has focused her travels on studying ritual, esoteric practices, dance and sacred traditions from around the globe. Bronwyn weaves the threads of these sacred practices that connect us to our divinity into her dance offerings. Her international experience inspires in her a deep reverence for the many forms of dance and allows her to work with people of diverse backgrounds.

Class, workshops & retreat inquiries

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