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Seasonal Harmonizing Ceremonies

Seasonal Harmonizing Ceremonies

Prayer is the ritual of aligning our deepest truth with our lives.

Magical practitioners, seekers, dancers, mystics, and lovers of mystery.

Join us in gathering in ceremony, with the intention of connecting with our sacred roots. Nourish your body, clear your mind, open your heart, and free your spirit.

The purpose of this sacred container is to facilitate a deep inner awakening and to do this in the most joyful, sweet, soft, direct, and inspirational manner possible. 

We will join together and connect to the source, give gratitude for our many blessings, and celebrate our divine nature.


With ritual, we calibrate with the cycles within ourselves, the seasons, and our prayer for our one wild and precious life.

We will adjust each ceremony based on the season to include dance, meditation, prayer,  acupuncture, sound healing, rituals, medicine song sharing, fire ceremony, nature bathing, embodiment practices, and water blessings as we calibrate with the qi of the time. 


Align with Seasonal Qi

Primary to a healthy path is living and acting in harmony with the cycles of nature around us. In Taoist tradition, the leading cause of the dis-ease is forgetting to adjust our conduct with the seasons. So often, in our modern world of artificial lights and technology which subvert our subtle intelligence, we forget to take our cues from nature.


We have an ancestral prayer to live a deeply embodied, earthly existence in harmony with our surroundings. As Star Hawk so eloquently puts it,  “We do not live in the unchanging twilight realm of Faery, but in the living, dying, fading, and growing realm of the earth.”

Each ceremony will include a small talk on the seasonal qi which includes philosophy, foods, movement, medicines, timing, and appropriate conduct. 


My intention is to create a space that is deeply nourishing and engaging for your body and mind as well as giving practical ways of connecting to the season in your everyday life.


The ceremonies start at 10am and go till 10pm.

Join us in remembering and cultivating our connectedness.

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Spring Equinox

April 1, 2023

Spring presents us with an amazing opportunity to replenish ourselves. The season itself represents the energy of fertility, newness, and growth, as nature flourishes all around us. Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty springtime court entertainments involved the recitation of poetry and the playing of new music.

It is a time for gatherings rife with music, play, and poetry about love, newness, and rebirth. Bring songs and poems about love, wear green, let your hair down, and bring fresh flowers.



Autumn Begins

August 5, 2023

Autumn is about the out breath of our lives, a turning inward and a time for reflection that comes with slowing down. If yang, at the end of summer, does not yin up it becomes violent, out of control, overly ambitious and dominating.

In this ceremony we will calibrate with yin by surrendering to the flow, harmonizing with nature, and giving thanks for the abundance all around us.



Winter Solstice

December 9, 2023

Annual Silent Ceremony

Winter is the time when Big Yin is free to develop, unhampered by yang's effects of doing, being busy, and moving faster. 

The council is to not squander the wintertime with activity.

The winter seasonal cycle offers a tremendous opportunity for the recovery of the body, mind, and spirit when we take the time to slow down and dream with intention.

Cultivating our yin over the winter months means we will have enough energy to nourish the burgeoning creativity and bring the ideas, dreams and visions that have been cooking to fruition in the spring.

Taking time to drop in with our prayer, our bodies and community in a sacred way connects us to source and spirit, within and without, empowering us to commune with our souls. The cultivation of this force returns us to our essence.

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