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Sacred Sisters Retreat

Prayer is the ritual of aligning our deepest truth with our lives.

Witches, healers, magical practitioners, seekers, dancers, mystics, and lovers of mystery.

Join us in gathering with ceremony, with the intention of connecting with our sacred roots. Nourish your body, clear your mind, open your heart and free your spirit.

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We will join together and connect to the source, give gratitude to our ancestors, and celebrate our divine nature.


With ritual, we calibrate ourselves with the cycles within our selves, the seasons, and our prayers for our one wild and precious life.

We will incorporate dance, meditation, prayer, acupuncture, sound healing, ritual, medicine song sharing, fire ceremony, nature bathing, embodiment practices, and water blessings as we commune in sacred sisterhood. 

$200 for the day-long

Hi, I'm Bronwyn

I'm here to support you to remember the essence of who you are, and how to live an ecstatic meaningful life, in loving deep connection with yourself, your body, the earth, and all your relations.


These ceremonies are deeply grounded in my practice as an acupuncturist, herbalist, bodyworker, dancer, witch, and ritual instigator. I have been facilitating ceremonies for 20 years.

Marie Pierre Gay

Bronwyn is a magical, powerful, embodied high priestess. The space she holds invites wisdom, magic and ancient knowledge. I attended a special women’s circle that activated my feminine power and wisdom. I connected, learned, grew, and shifted. It has been life-changing. The experience gave me the opportunity to connect to my own creative essence. Thank you, Bronwyn for sharing who you are and offering such a high inspiration.

Gaelyn Miriam Larrick

I had the pleasure of participating in a ceremonial women’s circle that was facilitated by Bronwyn. She was able to hold the energy for all of us masterfully and at the same time was loving, playful, capable, and grounded. As a result I felt completely safe and nurtured throughout the day. As the day went on, all of us bonded and I feel that Bronwyn’s ability to create such a safe and loving container made that possible. I would highly recommend being a part of anything that Bronwyn creates.

Lucia Chapora

I was touched by the soft and powerful way Bronwyn held space for us to co-create a sisterhood day. While deeply connected with her roots and lineage, she opens the space for everybody to feel welcome and bring in their gifts and beauty. We danced, laughed, cried and bonded deep in our hearts.



Taking time to drop in with our prayer, our bodies and community in a sacred way connects us to source and spirit, within and without, empowering us to commune with our souls. The cultivation of this force returns us to our essence.

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