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More Greens In My Life

Making green pastes each week are an amazing way to get more greens into your body. You can use what is in season, in your garden, or at the farmer's market. These are some of the ingredients I like to mix and match from and adjust each time I make it.

greens: cilantro, parsley, basil or spinach

flavor: lemon, ume plum vinegar, turmeric, savory sage

oils: avocado, sesame, olive, evening primrose, flax, borage

variations: cucumber and avocado

spices: salt, pepper, cumin or fennel

Mix it up, put it in a jar, store it in your fridge, and add to salads, steamed greens, soups, dressings, and as a condiment.




Connect with others on this path as Stewards of the Light.


Practices on how to organize your time and energy around your life priorities.

Support to ground the light all the way through your being.

Learn to hold everything you encounter as medicine that aids you on your path of transformation.

Learn how energy changes with the cycles of the season. 

Bronwyn's Offerings

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