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Our World Schooling Trip to Bali

​Nymue and I decided to go on a spontaneous world schooling trip to Bali for the month of May. World schooling is the idea that being in the world is an awesome way to learn. Kids, just like adults, learn from traveling, speaking new languages, visiting new places, and generally jumping outside of the box of a classroom or otherwise specially simulated environment dedicated to the concept of learning. This was our second trip to Bali together.

Here are some highlights.

Volcanos: We visited a volcano and Nymue got to touch cooled "hot lava" and gather some lava rocks. She had been in a sweat lodge the week before we left and had a fresh understanding of the sacredness of lava rocks. This also led to discussions of what's currently happening with the volcanic eruption in Hawaii.

Sacred Schooling: Nymue apprenticed with some of the women who make their daily ritual of blessing altars and sacred spots - and also did a class on how to make offerings from banana leaves (little ephemeral artworks.) These rituals offer a moment to connect to the divine and align with our prayer.


Kite Making: Nymue completed a kite making workshop and made a Balinese kite. (link at the end)

Animals We hung around lots of animals. Ducks, there was a duck coup right outside our villa. Nymue got to observe the ducks daily and eat duck eggs. Monkeys. We saw lots of monkeys, visited the monkey forrest, and fended monkeys off from stealing our stuff on multiple occasions. Chickens, lots of tiny little baby ones that would run across our path while driving her on the scooter.