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Burning Man 2017

Fuzzy Bikes

I'm slowly integrating an unforgettable adventure - an incredible opportunity to surrender to what is, emanate love, and embrace the unexpected as a path of transformation. Within the first 2 hours on the playa, I found myself in an ambulance on the way to the medic tent resulting in 7 stitches in my forehead. Soon after, the battery on my camper van died, my generator broke, and the propane tank leaked.

Then to top it off, Nymue's babysitter didn't show up until the day before we left. Yet - it was still rock solid the most amazing burning man experience yet. I'm feeling deep gratitude for the profound love I experienced and to all the people that stepped up to help us, hold us, and rock around the playa with us! I love you. Thank you! More of that Please.




Connect with others on this path as Stewards of the Light.


Practices on how to organize your time and energy around your life priorities.

Support to ground the light all the way through your being.

Learn to hold everything you encounter as medicine that aids you on your path of transformation.

Learn how energy changes with the cycles of the season. 

Bronwyn's Offerings

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