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9 Ways to Blast Reiki Daily

Reiki impacts the world. Children love it. It is helpful for caretakers, healers, and change-makers. Most of us can benefit from integrating Reiki into our everyday lives. Here are nine ways I often use Reiki. I hope you find inspiration here to create a ritual or practice with Reiki and feel the difference it makes when you weave this healing art into your day.

1. Calming Children

I often Reiki my daughter to help her calm down, go to sleep, or settle in the middle of the night. Reiki is extremely helpful for injuries. Every time my daughter gets an unexpected bump or scrape, we use Reiki for a blast of healing energy and to bring her into embodied mindfulness.

2. Daily Global Peace Prayer

The world is in the midst of a massive consciousness shift. Taking a moment to pray for peace for all sentient beings and our planet, and using Reiki to back up the prayer with universal healing energy, is one of the highest uses of this powerful tool. Create a place on your altar to feed the prayer of light and healing for our planet.

3. Setting Intentions/Activating Water

Beginning the day with prayer is life-changing. Charge your daily intentions, or sankalpa, with Reiki to focus your day and call in all the invisible help available to each of us. I like to do this by activating my morning water with Reiki as I drink it at my altar. Try charging your morning water with Reiki.

4. To Pray for My Life, Health, and Healing

I use Reiki to pray for my life, my body, and my own healing. As a healer and mother, it is vital to make the time to nourish and renew myself with prayers and intention. For example: “Reiki please help me enjoy my life more.” “Reiki please help me love more deeply.” “Reiki please help my mind to slow down enough so I can reside centered in my heart.” Ask for what you want rather than what you don’t want. Rather than ask for less anxiety, ask for more peace.

5. Beam Reiki to your Food

Having a quiet moment of reflection before eating is a tradition across cultures. Silence or words are fine for your gratitude prayer, but you can embody this with your hands. You can also Reiki the food from under the table if you are with company who may find it strange.

6. In the Bath

Sometimes I combine my self-Reiki sessions with a warm bath. This helps me relax after a long day of caring for other people. Ritual, prayer, and intention are what make activities sacred.

7. Before My Meditation Practice.

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