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Bronwyn Ayla (Michaelis)

Bronwyn helps people find radiant health, embodied wisdom, and the nourishment of their destiny through the sacred alchemy of acupuncture, dance, plant medicine, bodywork, and ceremony. People who journey with her transform their lives by aligning their outer world with their inner divinity. 


She offers a breadth of holistic medical arts which, when combined, link the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies to promote integrated healing. These pathways include traditional Chinese medicine, movement, Rosen Method bodywork, nutrition, ritual, massage, lifestyle coaching, Reiki, herbology, and seasonal attunement practices.


In addition, Bronwyn is a deeply inspired mother and has chosen a journey of sacred unschooling for her daughter which she is being called to share with the world. She is committed to raising the next generation of wisdom keepers amidst our rapidly changing planet.

"How can we hold everything we encounter as medicine that aids us on our path of transformation?"

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"Bronwyn is a deep healer and a gifted instructor. I have taken multiple Contact Improvisation classes with her and her teachings have helped me both grow and become more refined as a dancer. She is steeped in knowledge but makes even the most complex concepts accessible.”

– Melissa N Oakland, CA

Upcoming Events

Join my dance classes, retreats, sister ceremonies, reiki trainings and more.

  • New Moon | New Year Calibration Ceremony
  • Beginning of Winter - Samhain | Seasonal Attunement Circle
  • Reiki Training Level 2
  • Movement is Medicine - Contact Improvisation, and Axis Syllabus

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Illuminating the shadows within and without; transforming and healing ourselves and our culture

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