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Reiki Level I Training and Certification
with Bronwyn Michaelis, L.Ac

Empower your hands’ healing abilities in this introduction to the magic and art of Reiki. Our beginning workshop requires no prior knowledge or experience of Reiki. We’ll connect with Reiki on a physical level, activating the ability to transmit healing through touch and beaming the energy.  You will receive a physical cleansing, clearing pathways for a stronger channel of universal life force energy that allows for an increase in psychic and spiritual awareness. After this class, you will be able to practice Reiki on yourself or others.


For last 2 hours of the weekend together we will be joined by other members of the Reiki Community for an East Bay Reiki Share. This is our first Reiki Share at the Wu Wei School of Reiki in almost 2 years. It is a great opportunity to connect with the larger Reiki community and receive their healing touch.


After our early afternoon together we will transition into a meditation followed by exchanging Reiki with one another. You will have the chance to have many hands on you at once for a healthy blast of Reiki energy. This is great for people who haven’t yet experienced a full Reiki session and you'll have the opportunity to build connections with sweet people in the Reiki community.

Join us for this weekend Reiki I workshop on
Saturday, June 17, 10am-1pm and

Sunday, June 18, 2pm - 6pm

in the Berkeley hills, CA
for $250

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Who will thrive in this program?

Are you ready for a radical shift in your world for the better?

Would you like to upgrade or begin your professional healing practice?

Or do you simply want to start practicing Reiki on yourself,  friends, and family?


This program is designed for those ready to make a leap in spiritual evolution
and serves those who:

  • Are ready for an extraordinary shift in personal devotional practices and health.

  • Know professional support and a community of like-minded folk will make the difference.

  • Have never studied Reiki before but are curious about shifting careers, supplementing income, or incorporating it into an already existing healing practice.

What you will take away from this initiation​

  • Increased ability to channel healing energy for yourself, family, and friends.

  • Elevated intuitive, psychic, and energetic awareness.

  • A deeper level of communication and connection through touch.

  • Enhancement of your ability to be in the present moment.

  • Accelerated spiritual growth.

  • Transformation of your personal health and well-being.

  • Connection with an awesome community of like-minded seekers.

  • The potential for a rewarding career and the tools necessary to make it happen.

About Bronwyn


Bronwyn is a licensed primary care provider, acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, herbalist, and a Reiki, dance, and bodywork instructor. Trained in traditional healing practices from around the world and an expert in numerous forms of movement, Bronwyn’s methodology integrates an advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiological processes for optimizing vitality and unfolding the mind and body’s latent potential. She has been teaching Reiki since 1998. Full Bio

Wu Wei School of Reiki: Philosophy of Radical Non-Action

Reiki supports the inner light and consciousness alive and present in each of us. It calls us to sit with the self and understand how to use inner natural resources to heal ourselves and others.  Inner medicine is wonderful to pursue as it resources our living energy within and teaches us how to use it to respond to all things.  It embodies Wu Wei, or non-action, that leads us back to balance and deep awareness. Reiki is an art that demonstrates how the most subtle of methods can often be the most radical.

What people are saying about the training

"Through her way of teaching, Reiki has significantly enriched my life and my practice in ways I can't even list. She is extremely knowledgeable and educated in the healing arts with the fire and drive to always learn more.  I am so grateful to have met such a beautiful and inspiring person.”


– Judy Ko. Oakland, CA

Reiki Level I, Training and Certification

Saturday, June 17, 10am-1pm and

Sunday, June 18, 2pm - 6pm

in the Berkeley hills, CA
for $250

© 2017 Bronwyn Michaelis. All Rights Reserved.

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