A guided program of healing and connection | Go at your own pace from anywhere.

Reiki Training Online - Beginner to Master Level

Tap into your inner medicine and join us for this Comprehensive Beginner to Master Training in the Wu Wei School of Reiki. Connect with the divine light, raise your vibration, nurture your inner self and nourish your destiny. Channel healing energies for yourself and in the service of others.

Time & Location

A guided program of healing and connection
Go at your own pace from anywhere.

About the Event

Learn energy medicine, transform consciousness, and step into your healing journey in a new way.

People come to Reiki for many reasons.

Perhaps you are a spiritual seeker and have not yet found your path, or are looking to deepen your connection to the divine.

Maybe you come from western medicine disciplines and are burnt out and looking for a more holistic, energetic healing modality that will reconnect you to the reason you chose the path of a healer in the first place.

Maybe you are already practicing acupuncture, massage, yoga, chiropractic, or ayurveda, and are looking for a way to enhance your sessions.

Or, you feel called to the healing arts by a sense of destiny and intuition, and you're ready to begin walking this path for the first time.

Whatever your reason—Reiki is almost certainly going to be a beneficial addition to your life.

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