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The art   of flowing 

hosted by
Bronwyn Michaelis

June 2-4 


A 3-day Movement, Art, and Meditation Retreat
in the Beautiful Villa de Allende.

The Invitation

Join us for a weekend of personal exploration involving movement, dance, 

art, and meditation. We'll connect with ourselves, each other, and the sacred by discovering new pathways of inspiration in our lives.


We’ll reconnect with our flow state that we often forget is our natural state of Being. It's where we effortlessly find our creativity, openness, flexibility, and unlimited possibilities. From there we can feel, express, and move in alignment with our hearts' desires.



• Take a break from the city to recharge with positive energy surrounded by nature 
• Connect with your natural state of well-being
• Be aware of the patterns that limit you in fulfilling your desires
• Surround yourself with people 
that feed your growth
• Remember your potential and the motivations that guide you
• Reconnect with your body and the freedom that comes with expression 
• Let your mind rest to allow for the pleasure of being alive



The Adventure Begins


1pm Arrive

Welcome & Registration


2pm Align

Set Your Intentions


4pm Rejuvenate

Rest, Relate, & Recharge


5pm Getting to Know Your Flow

Encountering Self Through Dance

Movement Session/Biomechanics


7pm Get Fortified

Nourishing Dinner and Break


9pm Get Relaxed

Guided Meditation


The Journey of Heroes


7am Being with the Self

Movement Session


8am Nourish Yourself

Connect & Share Stories Over a  Scrumptious Breakfast


9am Discover Yourself

Movement Session/Biomechanics


11am Refresh Yourself

Rest, Relate, & Recharge


12pm Express Yourself

Playing with emotions


1pm Nurture Yourself

Enjoy a Luxurious Lunch and Relaxing Respite


3pm Encounter Each Other

Movement Session


4pm Move Beyond Your Mind

Authentic Movement


6pm Share a Meal

Delicious Dinner and Delightful Company


8pm Commune with the Divine

Ecstatic Dance: Connecting to the Sacred.  


Completing the Quest

7am Activate and Integrate



8am Fortify and Inspire

Breakfast for All


9am Experience Flow

Movement Session


11am Renew

Rest, Relate, & Recharge


12pm Sacred Play

Clown Session


1pm Fond Farewells

Closing Ceremony and Goodbye

Live joyfully. Embrace your power and inner wisdom


Bronwyn Michaelis

Devoted to dance as a sacred practice that encourages the full embodiment of ourselves in our lives, Bronwyn interweaves Axis Syllabus, contact improvisation, ritual, and somatic awareness into her unique approach to the art of movement.


She draws on her extensive training in anatomy, developmental movement, Asian physiology, body-mind centering, circus arts, body psychotherapy, yoga, and Continuum.


Inherent in her philosophy is the inseparable relationship between healing and dance. The marriage of these serves as a vehicle for the empowerment of ourselves and the nourishment of our destiny through full embodiment.

What you get

Our retreat will begin at 10am on Friday, June 2 and concludes by 2 pm on Sunday, June 4.

Workshop 220dlls, Amenities 2000pesos

Which includes:

Yoga classes + Meditation + Dance + Ritual + Healing

Organic vegetarian meals

Two nights accommodations

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