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Nymue, Acupuncture, and the Tao

Nymue has been into receiving acupuncture lately. When she sees the tables set up she often asks me to put needles in her- even indicating to me where she wants me to put the needles. I appreciate her clarity of knowing what she wants: when to put the needles in, when to take them out, and where she wants them put. This intuitive and effortless wisdom is something I aspire to in my own life and practice.

Marion Rosen used to talk about this as well. She said in earlier years of teaching she would tell her students where to put their hands based on xy and z. But later she taught us to trust our hands to guide us as they carry an innate wisdom. I have been diving intensively into the Axis Syllabus Dance study this last month or so and I find this teaching embedded in this practice as well.

For me dance is a practice of self-cultivation – a Gurdjieffian kind of practice -or that of sufi dancing. It allows me to strengthen a force inside of myself that when awake guides me in knowing what is correct action. A balancing of thinking with intuition, learning with flowing. These do not exist as opposites to each other but as an awakened energy – perhaps ultimately related to being in the Tao.



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